Halloween Cocktail Party Food For Grown-Ups, No Babies Allowed (PHOTOS)

These Halloween party menu ideas are not for wimps.

Put the kids to bed, everyone. This Halloween party menu is not for babies.

We love Halloween and we love adorable treats for kids. We love scary, gory Halloween dishes meant to shock and delight. But we also really love food that tastes good, and when we invite our friends over for a dinner party, we want to blow their minds every time. That's why, today, we're talking about a Halloween Cocktail Party for grown-ups.

We've left room for a bit of whimsy, absolutely. This holiday is supposed to be about having fun, cutting loose and indulging your scary side. But we also insist on some authenticity. If we're going to serve something brain-shaped, you'd better believe there will be real brains involved. We've pulled together a menu of delicious and exciting (guys, we get excited about this stuff) hearts, tentacles, bones and -- of course -- lots of cocktails.

Rotten Eggs
Rebecca Orchant
Get the Rotten Eggs recipe from Chronicles of A Stomach Grumble

Don't worry, they're not really rotten. Think soy sauce bath, wasabi injection.
Cauliflower And Blood Sausage
Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome
Get the Cauliflower And Blood Sausage recipe from Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

In this amazing take on bruschetta, the cauliflower stands in for the bread, with a thin sheet of blood sausage melted over it, like lardo. DO WANT.
Grilled Chicken Hearts With Parsley Vinaigrette
Alaina Sullivan
Roasted Bone Marrow
A Cozy Kitchen
Eggs In Cocotte With Foie Gras
Mimi Thorisson/Manger
Classic Russian Borscht
Natasha Kravchuk
Get the Classic Russian Borscht recipe from Natasha's Kitchen

We love borscht all year long, but on Halloween, the murky red comfort food feels especially appropriate.
Escargots À La Bordelaise
Mimi Thorisson/Food52
Get the Escargots à la Bordelaise recipe from Manger

Snails, plus sausage, equals delicious.
Icky Intestines
Canary Girl
Get the Icky Intestines recipe from Canary Girl

Okay, these aren't really intestines -- they're made of puff pastry. However, you can stuff them with anything you want, which could get really interesting. The original recipe calls for guacamole, which will give you a really disgusting visual effect. We might do a mixture of blood sausage and roasted mushrooms.
Squid Ink Risotto
Mylene Chung
Get the Squid Ink Risotto recipe from Mr. Delicious

Squid ink may be one of nature's blackest creations. Halloween is the perfect time to utilize it.

Photo via pepper.ph
Roasted Cheese Pumpkin
Braised Octopus
Merlin And Rebecca
Baked Lamb's Head With Potatoes
Genius Cook
Get the Baked Lamb's Head With Potatoes recipe from Genius Cook

Is it a little gruesome? Sure, but it's Halloween. And is it delicious? Goodness, you have no idea.
Rack Of Lamb
Alexandra's Kitchen
Get the Rack of Lamb recipe from Alexandra's Kitchen

Craving something slightly more familiar than a whole roasted lamb's head? Try this delicious rack of lamb.
Black Chicken Stew
Fergus Henderson's Red Salad
James Ransom/Food52
Long Green Beans With Anchovies And Sriracha
The Endless Meal
"Pot-Stuck" Brussels Sprouts
Eric Moran/Food52
Glutinous Rice Balls with Black Sesame Filling
Get the Glutinous Rice Balls with Black Sesame Filling recipe from Food52

These sweet, satisfyingly chewy treats only look freaky, and are one of our favorite new desserts.
Meringue Mushrooms
Merrill Stubbs/Food52
Midnight Black Chocolate Pudding
Joy the Baker
Get the Midnight Black Chocolate Pudding recipe from Joy the Baker

No graveyard cupcakes here -- this is some serious dessert.
Any fall cocktail party requires that the host have a good Manhattan under their belt -- Halloween or not.
Gravedigger's Martini
Frances Janisch
Get the Gravedigger's Martini recipe
The Green Beast Punch
The Corpse Reviver #2
Seems appropriate for Halloween, right?
Vampire Punch
Frances Janisch
Get the Vampire Punch recipe

Oh, fine, it's Halloween. Have a little fun with the punch.

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