8 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Lazy People

8 Perfect Halloween Costumes For Lazy People

So you're late to the game on Halloween this year. It's October 30th and not only are you lacking a costume, but you're also lacking ideas -- unless you decide to go as a cat for the third year in a row.

But don't worry, it doesn't have to come to that. There are actually tons of great costumes, already hiding in your closet. To give you some much needed inspiration, we've come up with 8 great options, that are so easy to put together, you'll be surprised you didn't think of them yourself.

Now hop to it, you don't have that much time left.

All images from Polyvore.

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"Snow Walter White" is our new hero!
AM I THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE... That thinks this 'Big Lebowski' costume is perfect?
Violet, you're turning violet!
The young couple of "Moonrise Kingdom" IRL.
Justin Hare
Love them or hate them, they are the Kia Soul hamsters!
Nicholas Weights
Presenting: Ironic Man
Dan Taylor
Best. "Beetlejuice." Costume. Ever.
Brad and Stacy Jerger
Vince Gilligan's Island has a rampant blue meth problem.
Rob Petch
What's up, Tinder?
Anthony Baldino
Hall and Oates, is that really you?
Jessalyn Brooks
Key & Peele would be proud.
Aaron D'Errico
Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat might be the best couple's costume ever.
Alexa Blumenstock
Piper Chapman from "Orange Is The New Black!"
Carolyn Kiefer
Oh no! A vampire got Flo!
Toni Armstrong Jr
Captain Zapp Brannigan from "Futurama!"
Bryan Christiansen
Remember that whole "Horse Meat" scandal? Yeah.
Philip Thomas
Check out this awesome "Dodgeball" group costume!
Kim Costa
Throwback time! Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.
Joe Shestak
A couples' take on "Behind The Candelabra."
Joe Strazzullo
Someecard, anyone?
Abigail Weixler
"Heeeeeere's Johnny!"
Michael McKinlay
All your favorite Will Ferrell characters in one epic group costume!
We'll always associate 2013 with the U.S. Government shutting down.
Will C from Canada
"And I'm Junice!" (Kristen Wiig).
Carly Stotts
Lydia needs her Stevia (notice the mismatched shoes?)
Shelley Reeves
"Despicable Me" comes to life!
"Eastbound And Down" fans will recognize Ashley Schaeffer (Of Ashley Schaeffer BMW, of course).
He calls this one, 'Django Fett Unchained'
Didier Fleurisme
He looks JUST like "Pornstache" from "Orange Is The New Black."
Dan Campbell
Salad Fingers is back!
Nice to meet you, Debt Ceiling.
Your favorite Hipster Disney memes IRL.
Elizabeth Ho
The signs say: "Don't call me Ariel, my name is Helvetica," "I had an apple before Steve Jobs" and "Growing up is too mainstream."
The closest thing to a real "Cousin Itt" we're ever going to get.
Sammye Carlson
Great Odin's raven! It's Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone!
Multi-season Walter White. Now that's commitment.
The ONLY Robin Thicke/Miley Cyrus VMA costume we'll accept.
"My husband made his costume out of a spare piece of carpet in our garage."
Jack and Sally are looking sharp.
Melaney Moore
Yep, that's the cast of "Clue."
Christopher Nixon
What does the fox say?!?!
Tom Hanks in 'Castaway' loved Wilson so much, she came to life.
Chelsea Masucci
We think Russell Brand would probably ask for her number.
The crew from 'Futurama' is looking good.
She's just wearing Miley.
Meanwhile, in Russia...
"Buddy, the Elf! What's your favorite color?"
Tobias Funke. NAILED IT.
A slightly different take on Princess Leia and Han Solo.
Everyone's favorite "Celebrity Jeopardy!" contestant (on "SNL," anyway).
Grand Theft Auto IRL.
Can you paint with all the colors of the wiiiiiiind?
Now that's one happy little painting.
'Wrecking Ball' was nothing until Nic Cage got a hold of it.
Eat your cereal, Ryan Gosling!
Someone call Geico.
Remember 'Spaceballs?' Of course you do.
Bob and Linda from 'Bob's Burgers'
'Bud Light' Year should be invited to ALL the parties.
You can't beat this take on Kim Kardashian's 2013 Met Gala look.
These Mormon elders are ready to let loose.
Hi diddily ho, Ned Flanders!
The world's most dedicated "Cheers" fan?
It takes balls to dress up like Randy Marsh.
Walt Jr.'s breakfast looks better than it usually does.
He's probably been chatting online with babes all day.
Presenting: Edgar Allen Ho.
Didn't even cut his ear off? Lazy.
Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan have never looked better.
She's a brick.... house.
To be Gary King in "The World's End," it's all about having the right T-shirt.
Carol Hartsell
Minecraft IRL
Remember the crazy Apple store lady? Yep.
Reliving 'The Hangover' (before their actual one).
Green army men FTW!
Your favorite emojis: Pink Woman, Dancing Girl and Lady In Red
This 'Simpsons' family gets bonus points for not using yellow paint.
Watch out, Ariel. You've got some competition.
Cue Elton John.
Jessa from 'Girls' thinks you're just so booooring.
Heshey KISS... Get it?!
Samba Lampich
Chaplin Chaplin, is that really you?!
Araueni Olivares
This Halloween, an octopus was spotted on the NYC subway.
Jeremy Kirchgraber
Miss Congeniality IRL.
Clarke Wolfe
Tea party, anyone?
Kasandra Michael
She's no dummy... This makeup rules.
Mary Hopkins
Here's the cast of "Gilligan's Island," including the S.S. Minnow.
Jane Hooker
Now you can see Dorothy in Kansas and Oz at the same time!
Julia Cain
Let's hope no one actually tries to operate...
Tori Allen
Just like "Game Of Thrones."
Morgan Porter
Anthony Roman
Chewbacca and Han Solo even got the stance right!
Katie Dalia
Yep, that's Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice ready to "Jump In The Line."
Jim Williams
She IS Malala.
Hiba A.
King Arthur and Patsy for all the "Python" fans out there.
Jason McGlynn
Thundercats are go!!!
Stephanie Ockunzzi
IT guys on a rollercoaster, anyone?
Trisha Samseli
Space debris from "Gravity," anyone?
Jessie Pellegrino
Here's a fantastic take on Belle from "Beauty And The Beast."
Marcelina Hollender
Candy Crush... You know you're addicted!
Danny Epperson
And finally, we land in "Wayne's World." Party on, everyone.

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