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25 Halloween Costumes For Men With Beards

Don't shave costume planning for the last minute.

Men with beards know how challenging it is to find a clever, smart and unique Halloween costume that works with their facial hair rather than against it.

Like folks who wear glasses, costume options are limiting for mustached men. Too often, the bearded guys at the Halloween party are a mismatched collection of lumberjacks, Jesuses and Alans from “The Hangover.”

Because we believe that there are so many better costume ideas out there for guys with beards, we’ve combed through the clutter of Halloween costume ideas to find 25 of the best ones for guys with facial hair.

Check out our favorites Halloween costume ideas for men with beards below:

Todd Chavez from 'BoJack Horseman'
Get Todd's iconic runway yellow beanie to complete the look.
Jim Hopper from 'Stranger Things'
Vaping Ben Affleck
Google Images
Get the look with this pen.
'Hotline Bling' Drake
Get the look with this cozy AF sweater.
Running Forrest Gump
Plebeian Shia LaBeouf
Literally any of the guys on 'Duck Dynasty'
Richie Tenenbaum
Get the look with this iconic headband.
Steve Zissou from 'The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou'
Rick Ross
Get the look with some layered necklaces and flat-top sunglasses.
DJ Khaled
Get the look with this red bomber jacket.

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