27 Halloween Costumes For Women That You Probably Haven't Seen Before

Make this Halloween frightfully delightful.

Halloween costume fatigue is real ― and we’re here to help.

Making a creative costume choice year after year takes a lot of effort (and Googling) so we’ve decided to do the work for you. We’ve rounded up a list of clever, comfortable and a few crazy ideas to make your Halloween so much more boo-tiful.

Here are 27 creative ― and simple ― costume ideas that you can wear on October 31. The best part? You can make almost all of these at home!

(These photos were compiled prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and may show groups or individuals without face masks. Use these photos as inspiration for your at-home or socially distant Halloween celebration, but be sure to follow safety guidelines to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread.)

Fries Before Guys

A photo posted by Kelly Mindell (@studiodiy) on

StudioDIY Instagram
Everything about this is perfect. Head over to Studio DIY to get the brilliant tutorial and spend your night standing next to random dudes!
The Pill
Cute and educational!
The Clooneys
Costume Works
The human rights attorney and her trophy husband George never looked so good.

via Costume Works
Shooting Star

A photo posted by Marissa W (@mwindow) on

Because who doesn't love a good pun?
Ms. Universe
Costume Works
This costume is out of this world.

via Costume Works
Grey Goose Vodka
Let your goose flag fly!
Spinelli from "Recess"
Costume Works
A fun and easy throwback.

via Costume Works
Life of the Party

A photo posted by Beth Buford (@bethbuford) on

You can sleep through Halloween and still say you were the life of the party with this costume.
Penny Lane from "Almost Famous"
Costume Works
You can be the original Band Aid for the night.

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Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter

A photo posted by @isis.the.impaler on

Just, please, use a new toilet seat.
Arianna Grande Huffington

A photo posted by Alexis Kleinman (@kleinman) on

You don't need Arianna Huffington for your costume, but it would make it better.
Ms. Frizzle
An amazing throwback that's also very easy to create. (Bonus points if you show up in a school bus.)
Dancing Emoji
Get ready to dance all night!
Flo from Progressive
Costume Works
Just be super cheery all night.

via Costume Works
Suga Mama from The Proud Family

A photo posted by BrandyL ; (@pufffaluffagus) on

You can actually wear a robe out and say you dressed up for Halloween. Easy as pie.
Costume Works
Adorable and you make it in any color!

via Costume Works

A photo posted by Fuzzy 👑 (@ohsofuzzy) on

All you need is a black dress, some construction paper and glue, and you're good to go!
A Clover Cheerleader from "Bring It On"

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Bubble Bath
Costume Works
All you need are some balloons, a loofah and rain boots!

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Pinky Swear

A post shared by Erin Phraner (@erinphraner) on

Spoiler Alert
Carolina Moreno
Spoiler alert: This costume's very creative!
English Muffin

A photo posted by katie lu (@katieloomin) on

Adorable and punny.
Stick Figure

A photo posted by Elisa (@mavstagram) on

Cute, comfy and creative!
Regina George from "Mean Girls"
Costume Works
You can actually make "fetch" happen with this costume.

via Costume Works
Copy Cat

A photo posted by MARTHA (@marthafriedner) on

Extra credit goes to anyone who dresses their actual cat in this costume.
Cotton Candy

A photo posted by Sarah Larsen (@saucysar) on

You definitely won't be cold in this costume!

Need more costume ideas? We've got you covered. Head over here, here and here.

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