Halloween Photos From Way Back When Will Creep You The Eff Out

Something about little kids in masks staring into a camera.

What is it about old photos of Halloween that add that extra teaspoon of nightmare fuel?

Maybe it's the black-and-white photographs. Or the fact that we don't really know the backstory behind these photographs.

We could, for all we know, be laughing at what was actually the site of some ritual sacrifice. Before widespread availability of communication technology and Internet databases, a lot of people went missing without anyone ever finding out exactly what happened to them.


Anyway, enjoy!

  • Circa 1905. Circa creepy AF.
    Historic Photo Archive via Getty Images
  • "You tie their hands behind their backs like this."
    Cincinnati Museum Center via Getty Images
  • "Billy, great to see you at this year's guinea pig sacrifice, really glad you could make it!"
    Hulton Archive via Getty Images
  • "Car trouble, huh? Yeah, we'll fix you up real good."
    Transcendental Graphics via Getty Images
  • "They said follow the screams, but I only hear low-pitched wailing."
    ullstein bild via Getty Images
  • They don't want candy, but rather your sweet, delicious soul.
    Lambert via Getty Images
  • Tommy wasn't interested in the treats. He was merely casing the joint for later.
    Jodi Cobb via Getty Images
  • Pirate costumes ... or actual pirates?
    Transcendental Graphics via Getty Images
  • "The perfect disguise," thought the actual devil in a child's devil costume.
    ullstein bild via Getty Images
  • The best part about a costume with a bag is you have something to carry your victims in.
    Jacobsen via Getty Images
  • The smiling masks made no difference. These children were out for blood.
    Duane Howell via Getty Images
  • But it was too late for the parents and their bags of candy. The child herd had detected their presence.
    Teenie Harris Archive/Carnegie Museum of Art via Getty Images


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