Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids And Babies 2012: Great Ideas For Children (PHOTOS)

Halloween is approaching and it's time to settle on that perfect Halloween costume idea for your baby. If you have a big kid, we suspect they've had their costumes (parent-approved or not) picked out since July.

Choosing a children's costume is a tough decision -- do you go trendy: Dora, Katniss, a One Direction member? Or do you stick to the classics: ghosts, witches and pumpkins?

Luckily, we have some photos that might inspire you. Check out pictures of babies and kids dressed in all sorts of creative costumes, submitted by the readers of HuffPost Parents. We've got superheroes and wild animals, an Elvis and the Donald, even Borat makes an appearance.

Click through the gallery below for many more unique ideas and, if you have an adorable photo of your kids on Halloween, add your own! Plus don't miss our ideas for cute handmade baby costumes, genius maternity costumes, and the most inappropriate kids' costumes of all time .

Adorable Kids In Halloween Costumes