14 Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas Taken Straight From TV

14 Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Copy From TV

The leaves are changing and the air is chilly, we're drinking pumpkin spice lattes and a little holiday called Halloween is upon us. Before you say you "got busy" and don those cat ears for the fifth year in a row, take a moment to revisit the genius of your favorite TV characters, who have worn some of the best Halloween costumes of all time.

Jim Halpert as Facebook, "The Office"
john krasinski facebook

Dwight Schrute as a Sith Lord, "The Office"
dwight sith lord

Jim Halpert as a three hole punch, "The Office"
jim three hole punch

Britta Perry as a squirrel, "Community"
britta squirrel

Ross Geller as Spudnik, "Friends"
ross sputnick

Joey Tribbiani as Chandler, "Friends"
joey as chandler

Frasier and Lillith as Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his sister Christina, "Cheers"
frasier and lillith

Barney Stinson as a fighter pilot from "Top Gun," "How I Met Your Mother"
barney stinson

Jesse, Joey and Danny as The Three Stooges, "Full House"
full house three stooges

Cerie Xerox as an Italian senator, "30 Rock"
cerie italian senator

Tom Haverford as T-Pain, "Parks And Rec"
tom haverford

Inspired yet? We thought so.

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