Halloween Costumes For Women 2013: Ideas Far Better Than 'Sexy Nurse'

Halloween Costume Ideas More Clever Than 'Sexy Nurse'

"Teen Maid to Tease." "Sexy Miss Santa." "Red Hot Mama." "Ooh La Lola." "Pilgrims Pleasure."

No, these are not the names of roles for a cheaply produced porno -- they're actual Halloween costumes ladies are supposed to buy. Welcome to October, everyone, the month where outfits better suited to bedroom role-playing appear in every pop-up costume store in the country.

It can be difficult to sift through all the "sexy" nurse/maid/pirate/crayon/M&M or any other inanimate object getups to find a Halloween costume that you can actually get excited to wear come October 31. Last year we compiled a list of creative costume ideas. This year, we're doing the same, because women deserve better than Sexy Bert and Ernie. (And spoiler alert: Costumes can be both flattering AND clever!)

Here are some women's Halloween costume ideas that won't make you want to give up on the holiday altogether:

Lucky Cat

Women's Halloween Costumes That Are More Clever Than 'Sexy Nurse'

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