Kooky, Spooky House That 'Raps' Macklemore Helped Raise $10,000 For Charity


Honestly, we don't know nothing about putting up Halloween lights. But we can all agree this is AMAZING.  

Brandon Bullis, a 46-year-old who lives in Leesburg, Virginia, creates a Halloween light show on his house every year, synced up to popular songs. This year, the spectacular, called "Edwards Landing Lights" features his house "singing" the hit Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song "Downtown" -- among other tracks -- and it's bananas in the best way.

What's more, the father of three and his family have put out a donation box outside their display to raise money for the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Over the past two years, they have raised $10,000 for the cause, Bullis told The Huffington Post.

Watch in the video above as kooky faces appear on the house and starts "rapping" perfectly on time with the music. The light show is so impressive that it received a thumbs up from Macklemore himself, who tweeted that the Bullis' residence is "definitely the kind of house that gives out full-sized candy bars."

The full light show runs for 30 minutes and replays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. every night. The spectacular also includes performances to Sam Hunt's "House Party" and Fall Out Boy's "Uma Thurman," in addition to "Downtown." We know what you're thinking, but the show isn't noisy for the neighbors -- to hear the music synced up to the lights, viewers can set their radios to 98.1 FM. According to the videos' descriptions, the light show includes about 8,500 different lights and more than 2,500 channels of computer animation. 

And if you think that Bullis' electric bill is enormous because of the show, think again! The video descriptions note that the majority of the lights are energy-saving LEDs and will only cost the family about $25-$35 the entire Halloween season. 

We know which house all the cool kids will be flocking to this year! 


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