'Halloween Ends' Trailer Teases Bloody Finish To Franchise Over 40 Years In The Making

"Come and get me, motherf**ker," Jamie Lee Curtis' character tells Michael Myers before their gruesome final face-off.
Jamie Lee Curtis poses at the premiere of "Halloween" in 2018.
Jamie Lee Curtis poses at the premiere of "Halloween" in 2018.
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The first trailer for “Halloween Ends” absolutely delivers.

And by that we mean Jamie Lee Curtis’ character, Laurie Strode, whispering “Come and get me, motherfucker!” to her masked serial killer sibling Michael Meyers.

The first look at the presumably final installment of the legendary horror franchise arrived on Tuesday night, teasing a bloody end to a story over 40 years in the making.

Until the inevitable reboot sometime down the road, “Halloween Ends” promises to be the ultimate face-off between the stab-happy Myers and Strode, concluding the new trilogy helmed by director David Gordon Green, which retconned all previous sequels.

The action-packed, 76-second teaser evokes the opening to John Carpenter’s 1978 original, as the killer creeps through a house on Halloween night, only this time a battle-ready Strode is waiting for him in the bedroom with a gun in hand.

As scenes from past films, including director Green’s two prior blockbusters, 2018′s “Halloween” and 2021′s “Halloween Kills,” flash across the screen, the longtime nemeses engage in a gruesome final fight.

Myers throws Strode across a kitchen island before nearly sticking her fist down a garbage disposal. But the iconic final girl ultimately fends him off with a knife through his palm.

Green has teased that the new sequel is “very different in tone” from his first two “Halloween” films.

“I very often jump around in genres and explore different themes and characters through movies,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in October. “I just came up with a new twist ending on the ending that existed a couple weeks ago, and that’s something that only I hold the piece of paper that has those words on it.”

Curtis, meanwhile, has described the final chapter as a “deeply emotional and cathartic” end to her character’s journey.

“I mean, when you call her a final girl — I never really understood how important that name was until I made this last movie,” she said in a recent interview. “And now I really understand it. And I think you’ll be very happy.”

The star bid farewell to her alter ego in February when filming on the sequel officially wrapped.

“A bittersweet END for me on the Halloween movies,” Curtis captioned the Instagram post alongside a handful of behind-the-scenes photos from the set. “I’ve made great friends and have collaborated with wonderful artists on these three movies and today my part in the film has been completed and with it the END for me of this trilogy.”

“It’s all because of the fans who have always supported me and more importantly, Laurie,” she concluded.

“Halloween Ends,” which also stars Andi Matichak, Kyle Richards, Will Patton and Rohan Campbell, is scheduled for release Oct. 14.

Watch the official trailer for the film below.

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