Halloween Hookups: Where Single People Travel For Tricks And Treats

Just as Columbus Day weekend is to married couples and apple orchards, Halloween weekend, it turns out, is to single people and loose inhibitions. According to, a travel dating website, the "uninhibited nature associated with Halloween is an ideal premise for singles seeking hook ups."

The site recently polled nearly 14,000 single people who were traveling for the holiday. “Halloween is a time to go outside of one’s comfort zone by acquiring a different persona, so many singles often travel to different cities to meet new people,” says Brandon Wade, the site's CEO. “Costumes not only disguise the wearer, but also serve as a point of conversation. Both of these factors help singles interact more often and more boldly.”

Below, the top five destinations for tricks and treats:

1. New Orleans, LA

2. Seattle, WA

3. Honolulu, HI

4. Miami, FL

5. Las Vegas, NV

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