Halloween 'Lynching' Display At Soldier's Home Removed After Complaints

Halloween 'Lynching' Display At Soldier's Home Removed

A Halloween display showing what has been considered a "lynching" scene was removed from a home at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

A home on the Army installation became the site of controversy due to a Halloween display of three black effigies hanging from a tree, ClarksvilleNow.com first reported. There were two larger, adult-sized figures hanging from a branch and a smaller one tied to the trunk. A second child-sized figure was placed on the ground holding one of the effigy's ankles. Some claimed the scene depicted an African-American family.


Complaints were made and the display was removed.

“Displays of an offensive nature are not reflective of Army values and the family-friendly environment provided for employees and residents of the Fort Campbell community,” Brendalyn Carpenter with Public Affairs told ClarksvilleNow.com.

Army Times reported that the homeowner, who is an active-duty solider, “willingly removed the decorations" after base officials reached out. The homeowner, whose name has not been released, also apologized for “the impression left by the decorations."

Although some have suggested the display might reflect a scene from "Sinister," a 2012 horror film, there was "no discussion with investigators of the particular theme" the display represented, according to Army Times.

This was the second offensive Halloween display taken down this week because of its association to lynching.

A display in the yard of a Minneapolis home was taken down after neighbors said it resembled a lynching. The homeowner, Tou Vue, apologized and denied any claims of a connection to lynching, saying it "was the furthest thing from my mind."

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