Halloween Mask Sales Show Obama Leads Romney 60 Percent To 40 Percent

The Most Unlikely Predictor Of The Election

While pollsters, pundits and political scientists alike scramble to find the most accurate predictor of the presidential race’s winner, an unlikely indicator has emerged.

Spirit Halloween, the largest seasonal Halloween retailer in the country, predicts that President Barack Obama will win the election, CNN Money reported. The store has correctly predicted who will win the presidential race based on mask sales since 1996.

While some national polls have Obama and Romney tied with 47 percent of voter support each, Obama masks are outselling Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney masks 60 percent to 40 percent -- a clear indicator that the president will be victorious, the store claims.

Despite Spirit’s reasoning that more masks equals more votes come election day, locally-owned Halloween stores are seeing a different trend emerge. Tony Bianchi, owner of Halloween Adventure in New York City, told the Huffington Post that shoppers mostly buy Halloween costumes for candidates they don’t plan on casting their vote for.

“People buy masks of politicians they're trying to lampoon," Bianchi said. "Obama masks don't sell well in New York City."

That said, Obama masks outsold John McCain masks by the same 60/40 ratio in 2008, according to CNN Money.

The number of presidential candidates roaming the streets on Halloween night isn’t the only unconventional election predictor that has proven to be reliable. From 1936 to 2004, if the Washington Redskins won its last home game, the incumbent party won the election, Time reported. The Redskins presidential streak ended in 2004 when John Kerry and the Redskins were defeated. Another sports theory contends that if the Los Angeles Lakers make it to the NBA Finals in an election year, the Republican candidate will win. Eight out of nine times this “Lakers Law” has been proven to be true, the Chicago Tribune reported.

According to the 7-Eleven election poll -- which allows customers to choose either a blue or red cup to support Romney or Obama -- Obama leads the race with 60 percent support.

Alice Hines contributed reporting to this story.

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