Halloween Movies: The Top 5 Trick-Or-Treating Scenes In Cinematic History (VIDEOS)

Halloween has a long and storied history in the movies. The part of that story everyone knows is the association between October 31st and horror movies -- this year's smash hit Paranormal Activity 3 being a prime example. But horror movies are not appetizing. Candy is. So this October, we're showing you the kinder, gentler side of Halloween movies: trick-or-treating scenes.

The genre of the trick-or-treat scene can be traced back to the 1944 movie Meet Me In St. Louis, itself based on a series of short stories originally published in the New Yorker at the turn of the century. Its trick-or-treating scene features plenty of melodrama and hokey homespun costumes. From there, things went in a million directions -- from the hilarious to the somber.

Here are five of our favorites; as a bonus, many feature some excellent costume ideas, for those still at a loss for what to wear:

Trick Or Treating Clips

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