Cinderella, A Hot Dog And A Mini-Donald Trump Just Became U.S. Citizens

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services held a Halloween-themed naturalization ceremony for kids. It was very cute.
Ahad Kahattak, 11, and Ahmad Kahattak, 8, of Pakistan take the oath of allegiance during a U.S. naturalization ceremony.
Ahad Kahattak, 11, and Ahmad Kahattak, 8, of Pakistan take the oath of allegiance during a U.S. naturalization ceremony.
(Elise Foley/Huffington Post)

Anna from "Frozen" and Captain Phasma from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" are now U.S. citizens. So are a hot dog, a butterfly, a SWAT team officer and a mini-Donald Trump.

Or, at least, their likenesses are. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services hosted a special naturalization ceremony on Friday for children whose parents recently became U.S. citizens. Since it was the day before Halloween, the kids were invited to wear costumes and go trick-or-treating around the offices afterward.

With their parents watching, the children took the oath of allegiance, watched a video message from President Barack Obama, and heard from Citizenship and Immigration Services Director León Rodríguez, who, for part of his remarks, was dressed as Fred Flintstone.

"This is a place of limitless possibilities," Rodriguez told the children. "And part of that comes from taking advantage of those rights and responsibilities that we talked about before, and part of it comes from pursuing your dreams to be whatever you want to be."

Yanet Melaku, 7
(Elise Foley/Huffington Post)
Yanet, from Ethiopia, dressed as Cinderella to get her citizenship certificate from USCIS Director León Rodríguez.
Beatrice Opoku-Boahene, 12
(Philip Lewis/Huffington Post)
Beatrice, who is originally from Ghana, dressed as Minnie Mouse.

"I get to follow my dreams," she said of becoming a U.S. citizen. "I want to be something that has to do with health, when I grow up."
Razvan Godja, 13
(Elise Foley/Huffington Post)
Razvan, from Romania, was Donald Trump for the day.

"It opens up more doors," he said of his American citizenship.
Razvan Godja, 13
(Elise Foley/Huffington Post)
Razvan, taking the oath of allegiance.
Lisha Chundu, 10
(Elise Foley/Huffington Post)
Lisha, who was born in India, dressed as a pink zebra.

"I can finally be like my friends, because everybody's a U.S. citizen and also my cousin is also trying to be a U.S. citizen. ... It's fun," she said.
Abdurhman Oun, 10, and Malik Oun, 5
(Elise Foley/Huffington Post)
The boys were born in Libya and went for Halloween as Superman and a SWAT team officer.

Abdurhman said the best thing about America is "freedom of everything."
Elena-Marie Weissenboeck, 13
(Elise Foley/Huffington Post)
Elena-Marie, who is from Austria, dressed as a butterfly.

"I really like America. It has a lot of opportunities and it's really nice and it's safe," she said. "It's very environmental and it's nice to everyone."
Gloria Camila Segrera Henades, 8
(Elise Foley/Huffington Post)
The Colombia-born Anna from "Frozen" said being American is "good."
Mansur Rahimi, 12, and Muskan Rahimi, 9
(Elise Foley/Huffington Post)
The Rahimis are from Afghanistan.

"I get my certificate," Mansur said. "I become a U.S. citizen."
(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Mansur Rahimi, 12, and Muskan Rahimi, 9, take the Oath of Allegiance.
Akosua Gyesaw, 12
(Elise Foley/Huffington Post)
Akosua, from Ghana, is excited "to have new rights."

"I like the amusement parks," she said, describing what she likes about her new country. "In my country, we don't have amusement parks."
Luke Nitschke, 10
(Elise Foley/Huffington Post)
Luke, from Germany, dressed as a hot dog.

"It's a big opportunity," he said of his new citizenship.
Esteban Reyes, 9
(Elise Foley/Huffington Post)
Esteban, who was born in El Salvador, dressed as Captain Phasma from the new Star Wars movie.

"I feel great!" he said of his citizenship. "I'm going to be the second one in my family to have it."
U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez
(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Rodriguez dressed as Fred Flintstone to talk to the kids.

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