9 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloween

9 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloween

Dressing up and trick-or-treating make Halloween an exciting night for many kids, so to ensure the fun lasts all night, consider these nine safety tips from The Doctors before you head out the door.

1. Watch Your Fingers When Carving Pumpkins
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Carving pumpkins? Avoid a major injury by keeping your opposite hand away from the carving utensil while in use.
2. Map Your Route
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Map out your trick-or-treating route ahead of time, noting which houses should be avoided and which are safe to visit. Also, make sure there are a few chaperones with a group of children – power in numbers.
3. Be Aware of Crowded Streets
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Traffic accidents sharply increase on Halloween night. To keep you and your loved ones safe, wear reflective gear so you can be seen in the dark, and avoid large intersections.
4.Trick-or-Treat Early
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If possible, take kids trick-or-treating before it gets dark, when visibility is better ... and so are the candy options!
5. Check Candy
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Always check your child's candy for obvious tampering before allowing them to consume any of it.
6. Protect Your Child's Face
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To ensure your child can see properly, make sure the eye-holes in his or her mask are at least twice as large as your child's eyes. Or, avoid masks all together and use non-toxic face paint!
7. Prevent Fire Accidents
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Prevent dangerous fires and burns by using battery-powered candles for your decorations.
8. Wear Comfortable Shoes
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Wearing comfortable and well-fitted shoes will keep you safe and happy throughout the night.
9. Don't Forget to Take Care of Animals
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While your four-legged friend may enjoy getting in on the Halloween fun, avoid a trip to the vet by keeping candy out of reach. And, since many pets may become scared and run away, ensure your furry friend is micro-chipped and properly tagged with your contact information.

Happy Halloween!

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