'Halloween' Trailer Has Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode Looking For Revenge

Michael Myers is back.

Michael Myers is back, and it doesn’t look as if the last 40 years have made him any less angry.

A trailer for “Halloween” dropped on Friday morning, revealing a gray-haired Laurie Strode with a lot less fear and a whole lot more vengeance on her mind. It appears that Jamie Lee Curtis’ iconic character has decided to dedicate her life since her last encounter with Michael to learning how to properly shoot. 

We see in the trailer’s start that Michael has been in an institution but somehow manages to escape, with many other inmates in tow. From there, we get a taste of the mayhem that ensues. Of course, much of it happens on Halloween night.

Twitter had a lot to say about the trailer and the upcoming sequel:

Curtis told Coming Soon that the new film, set for release on Oct. 19, “stylistically, characterologically, visually, emotionally ... follows very similar themes but it’s its own movie so it’s a very clever mash-up, to use a young people’s word, of the first movie in a retelling like a direct sequel but it’s fascinating. When you see what they’ve come up with you’ll be like ‘Wow,’ because it’s a very modern and yet very true movie.” 

There’s a brief mention in the nearly three-minute trailer of the brother and sister twist that viewers were given in the previous sequels and how this iteration is doing away with it.

What does that mean for Laurie? What does that mean for Michael? We’ll have to wait till this fall to find out.



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