Halloween Costumes 2009: The Geekiest Costume Ideas (PHOTOS, POLL)

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Halloween's just around the corner and it's time to start stressing about what you'll be. Forget "hot librarian" (yawn) or "'80s rockstar" (stale): it's time to go geek.

To help you celebrate your nerdiness, we've put together ideas for geeky Halloween costumes -- with some help from our HuffPostTech readers. Check 'em out: they're cool, they're different, and some are even sexy.

Got a geeky costume you want to share? Show us!

Here's what to do: if you've got an idea for a geeky Halloween getup (or are "going geek" this Halloween) let us know. Click participate below, write a short description of your costume (and upload a picture of it), then click submit!

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