'Halo' Wedding Ring: Superfan Designs 'Halo'-Themed Band (PHOTO)

For fans of the video game "Halo," it's pretty obvious what the ideal wedding ring would look like.

Die-hard "Halo" fan Mike Coscia designed a wedding band inspired by the game, and ring designer Bruce Boone made his vision come to life. Here's a photo of the ring, next to an image of a "halo," the ring-shaped weapon featured in the game, that Coscia used as inspiration.


Coscia told HuffPost Weddings that he has played "Halo" for hours and collects memorabilia, so the idea for a "Halo"-themed ring came naturally to him. Boone laser-engraved the design into a titanium ring in just a few days, and Coscia said he's thrilled with the results.

"I almost want to order another one to put in my display cabinet. Yes, I have a full-sized, museum-quality display cabinet dedicated to 'Halo,'" he said.

Coscia's fiance, Mary Fisher, said she isn't a "Halo" fan and plans on wearing a traditional wedding band, but she supports her fiance's passion for the game. They plan to marry in April 2014.

"Our home has 'Halo' memorabilia in almost every room, there is always a stream of pre-orders for the next big collectible, he is constantly recruiting friends into playing the series, and the one time I know to give him his 'Mike time' is the week after a 'Halo' release," Fisher said. "It was not a surprise that he wanted to incorporate 'Halo' into our wedding somehow."

Another couple took the "Halo" inspiration even further and married in a completely "Halo"-themed wedding in 2009.

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