Halsey Apologizes, Deletes Tweets After Inadvertent World Trade Center Remark

In response to a bad review, the singer wished for Pitchfork's offices to collapse without realizing they're located in One World Trade Center.
Halsey's clapback at a less than glowing review said more than she intended.
Halsey's clapback at a less than glowing review said more than she intended.
Don Arnold/WireImage via Getty Images

We’re pretty sure that the “nightmare” Halsey sings about in one song did not involve her inadvertently calling for the One World Trade Center building to collapse, apologizing, and then deleting all the evidence.

On Thursday, the singer responded to a Pitchfork review of her new album, “Manic.” The review, which was not exactly glowing, described the lyrics of one song as “almost too irritating to endure” and slammed some of her “Manic” collaborators as creators of the kind of “amorphous, chameleonic pop I’ve come to associate with sitting miserably in the backseat of a Lyft.”

Clearly upset with this take, the “Graveyard” singer tweeted: “Can the basement that they run p*tchfork out of just collapse already.”

People immediately realized that Pitchfork’s offices happen to be in the One World Trade Center building in New York City and Halsey deleted the tweet shortly thereafter.

The 25-year-old then responded to an NBC News reporter who noted the location of Pitchfork’s offices. “ABSOLUTELY deleted it upon realizing this,” Halsey wrote. “Was just trying to make a joke! Intended zero harm. Just figured I could poke at them back with the same aloof passive aggression they poke at artists with! Clearly a misunderstanding.”

That tweet has since been deleted too and no other direct mention of this controversy remains on her page as of late Thursday afternoon.

On the same day, however, Halsey did simply tweet, “Click bait garbage.”

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