Costco And Sam's Club Recall More Than 8,000 Pounds Of Ham

One consumer found pieces of rubber in the product.

Green eggs and… maybe something other than ham?

Costco and Sam’s Club are recalling 8,694 pounds of Fletcher’s Fine Foods Classics Black Forest brand ham with natural juices, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. The ham’s Washington-based producer, 502 Boundary Blvd., Inc., issued the recall after one consumer found several pieces of rubber embedded in the ready-to-eat meat. Yikes!

The hams were imported from Canada and shipped to retailers Costco and Sam’s Club in Alaska, Utah and Washington. The product was made on July 18 and sent to the stores for sale on July 21.

So far no one has been harmed. If you have the product, toss it in the garbage or bring it back to the store. Recalled hams have a 16 OC 2016 packaging code, “Est. 337,” and “Product of Canada” written on the label.

Check those fridges and head to the USDA for more information.

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