Forget Valentines, Let's All Send Hamiltines Instead

Because nothing exudes sweet, sweet love like Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical "Hamilton."

There's no better way to say, "I heart thee," than by sending a carefully crafted Valentine. Come Feb. 14, few gestures beat a twee card, cut with ornate scissors into the shape of a big red muscular organ; pink lace is a plus.

Wait, just kidding. Scratch that. Artist Casey Barber has created something called a "Hamiltine," and you should definitely burn that homemade heart disaster you were planning and send one of these instead.

Because, come Valentine's Day, we should honor the one and only crush that matters these days: Lin-Manuel Miranda and his swoon-worthy musical "Hamilton."

Barber, who is a food writer and photographer by trade, created her Hamiltines -- Valentines that incorporate terms of endearment and quotes from "Hamilton" the musical -- as tongue-in-cheek homages to the clever wordplay of Miranda's production.

"I think your pants look hot," one reads, echoing a line that is actually uttered by a Founding Father in the musical. "I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love," another declares, nodding to the song "You'll be Back."


Basically, these Hamiltines are, in Barber's words, a salute to Miranda's top-notch brain.

"I saw a quote on Instagram that 'Hamilton' isn't just a musical, it's a lifestyle, and I think that's how a lot of us feel about it," Barber explained to HuffPost. "It's so rich and so diverse and so funny, and you want to immerse yourself in that story any way you can."

In closing, never forget that even teens love the musical "Hamilton." Oh, and I've been waiting for an opportunity to remind the world of this Humans of New York portrait of Miranda and his baby.

You can check out Barber's shop on Etsy. Happy Hamiltine's Day. 

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