Hamilton Brouhaha

As a man of the theater I am not a big fan of anyone booing anyone - but I am a huge fan of the actor who courageously addressed the soon to be VP and asked him to represent everyone. Not a rude question to ask - not in a democracy. That he even had to ask it is a shame that belongs to Trump and Co. It was a question that flowed naturally from the appointment of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions and others of his ilk. Incidentally, I may sound ungenerous toward Trump voters but I don't think you voted for an overhaul in government - you voted for dirty air and dirty men; you voted for cruelty (the mocking of the man with the neurological disorder) you voted for mysogeny - the man on the bus and the pussy grabbers - you voted for greed - the man who swindled those who took his college courses, and saddest of all you voted for voter repression and racism - toss in a handful of homophobia, a smidgeon of anti-semitism, and fact is folks, you voted for evil. Now all of us are obliged to live with it. But some of us - young and old - will keep protesting it and fighting it as long as we live. Thank you, Hamilton cast members. The theater must treat this government as it did the South African government during apartheid. No, sir, we are not here to entertain you.

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