13 ‘Hamilton’-Inspired Shirts: You Won’t Know How To Say No To This

Look around, look around, at the "Hamilton"-esque blouses you can buy right now.

You don’t have to say it. We know you’re watching “Hamilton” for the costumes.

OK, maybe not initially. But on third, fourth and fifth viewings of the hit musical since its release on Disney+ on July 3, we’ve found ourselves salivating over more than just Lin-Manuel Miranda’s lyrical and musical genius and Jonathan Groff’s actual saliva: We also want their outfits. And we’re not alone, because “How do I dress like Alexander Hamilton?” was suggested to us in the Google search box.

Yes, we have fallen helpless to the billowy white blouses worn by many a male character in the show. You know the ones, with sleeves that can’t be tamed by a mere jacket.

Summer is perfect timing for tops that free our arms from tight-fitting sleeves, even if we’re just wearing them to the (living) room where it happens.

Below, 13 “Hamilton”-inspired blouses to wear for all future viewings and beyond.

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