This Chart Reveals Which 'Hamilton' Character You Are At Work

Are you passionately smashin’ every expectation? Or are you King George?

Have you ever wondered whether your colleagues view you as an Alexander Hamilton or an Aaron Burr at work? Great ― this “Hamilton”-themed flowchart is for you.

The chart, courtesy of Lucidchart, takes you through a series of questions about your leadership style before determining which musical character you are ― perhaps, a Marquis de Lafayette or an Angelica Schuyler ― when it comes to your work persona.

The infographic is a little harsh in its characterization of Eliza, Alexander Hamilton’s wife, who, following her husband’s death by duel, would go on to co-found and direct the first private orphanage in New York City. But it does applaud Angelica’s werk style, so let’s keep praying about that sequel, folks.

Probably the chart’s most important question: Have you ever sent a fully armed battalion to remind someone of your love? No? OK, you’re not King George.

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