Everybody Get Up! 'Hamilton' And 'Space Jam' Got A Mashup Now

This is even better than Michael Jordan's secret stuff.

Two groundbreaking works, together at last.

"Hamilton" is a hit Broadway musical with a hip-hop twist. "Space Jam" is the story of Michael Jordan getting sucked through a golf hole to save the Looney Tunes from aliens. And now, they've finally been brought together in one glorious mashup:"Space Jamilton." Just like it was meant to be.

"I have the honor to be your obedient servant," reads the caption under the mashup video on Matthew Ahn's YouTube channel. Ahn is truly doing humanity a favor. Alexander Hamilton's story from creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda comes to life over the classic track from Quad City DJ's. The line, "Shoot, baby, shoot," has never seemed more appropriate.

So, everybody, get up! It's time for a mashup now!



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