Gentle People Of The Internet, Here Is Your Chance To Be In 'Hamilton'

Are you aware that (you could be) making hist’ry?

Break out your 18th-century garb and 20th-century hip-hop knowledge, because you'll need both to score what is possibly one of the most coveted auditions in musical theater right now. 

The Broadway smash hit that is "Hamilton" just announced that it will hold open auditions for replacements in the musical's New York production and cast spots in the show's upcoming national tour. 

The auditions will take place in New York City on May 3 (with future auditions in Atlanta and Dallas). And by "open," the listing means that you don't have to be a member of the Actors Equity in order to apply. Actually, according to Playbill, no prior acting experience is even necessary.

What the musical is seeking, however, is "non-white men and women, ages 20s to 30s" who also happen to be "singers who rap." Need more info?

Sign-in starts at 10 a.m. May 3 at Chelsea Studios, 151 West 26th Street, sixth floor, in Manhattan. Auditions will run 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. [...] Those interested in auditioning in Atlanta and Dallas are asked to send photo and resume to, and to specify which city, Atlanta or Dallas, they would like to audition in. 

Take a deep breath. Sing a verse or two from "My Shot." And try not to spend the whole day imagining a future in which you hang out with Lin-Manuel Miranda at the White House on the regular

Okay, back to this Wednesday.



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