Tony Award Collector Lin-Manuel Miranda to Appear on Hulu Comedy Series

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Thomas Jefferson's coming home and Alexander Hamilton is coming to Hulu Comedy Series, Difficult People. The beloved star of Broadway's hit musical Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, will appear in Season 2 of Difficult People.

Developments in the Hamilton/Difficult People crossover thus far:

Hamilton the Musical is undoubtedly the hottest ticket in New York. Unfortunately, Difficult People's creator, Julie Klausner, herself was scammed out of tickets to Broadway's "Smash" hit, the 2016 Tony Award winner for Best Musical, Hamilton.

  • James was a creep from Craigslist who scammed Julie Klausner, creator of Difficult People, out of Hamilton tickets.
  • Klausner and her guest, Danielle Henderson (Ryan Gosling Feminist Meme) sat next to Teresa Heinz Kerry and John Kerry and discussed basset hounds coming to America. Source: How Was Your Wiki (October 2015)
  • The talented Julie Klausner wears many hats on the set of Hulu Comedy Series, Difficult People, including creator, writer and star of the TV show. Pop culture phenomenon, Billy Eichner, stars alongside Julie Klausner (who plays "Julie Kessler"), playing the role of her best friend, "Billy Epstein". The pair lack sexual chemistry as the character Billy Epstein sleeps with men.

    Difficult People returns to your television July 12th. Additional Broadway-legend guests include Showrunner Scott King's friend, Nathan Lane and Noises Off Megan Hilty. Not willing to "Wait For It"? Check out Lin-Manuel Miranda's rare, raw 2013 podcast interview with the creator of Difficult People, Julie Klausner, from her hit podcast "How Was Your Week."

    Difficult People Season 2 premieres on Hulu July 12th, 2016. On July 13th, we celebrate one year of Hamilton, the show began previews on July 13th, 2015. Emmy Award nominations are announced on July 14th, 2016. Binge Season 1 of Difficult People on Hulu now.