Hitch A Ride On A Hammerhead Shark For A Blissful Ocean View

See what happens when a shark films the ocean bottom with a GoPro camera.

If you give a shark a GoPro camera, chances are, you'll be impressed by the view. 

In an ad for the sports cameras, Shark Week cinematographer Andy Casagrande attaches a GoPro to the dorsal fin of a hammerhead shark in the Bahamas, letting the shark carry the camera wherever it damn well pleases.

The footage takes viewers on a brief, but fascinating, undersea adventure from the perspective of the ocean's most misunderstood predator.

According to Kim Holland, a shark researcher at the University of Hawaii, attaching a camera to a shark for a short period of time is probably not harmful.

"It depends a lot on the duration of the attachment," Holland said. "If it's short, it probably won't harm the shark that much. On the other hand, if it's a short duration attachment, it will add nothing to the scientific understanding of hammerhead shark biology."

While the spurt of footage might not add significantly to our understanding of hammerheads, it sure makes for a peaceful cruise.

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