Former NFL Player Hamza Abdullah Compares Trump To A Drunk Driver

The Muslim athlete is tired of the presidential candidate’s hate-filled rhetoric.

Hamza Abdullah, a former defensive back who played in the NFL for seven years, let us all know how he feels about Donald Trump during an "Outside the Lines" segment discussing Muslim athletes in the U.S. on Thursday.

Abdullah, who is Muslim, compared the current Republican presidential candidates to people who are leaving a party and have the responsibility of driving the car (aka America) after they have been drinking. You might be able to assume who Abdullah thought was the drunkest out of the bunch.

"I'm not a big politician guy, I'm not really into politics" he said. "But you have these guys claiming they know about Islam, but I guarantee you they don't know one Muslim, they've never been in one masjid (Arabic for mosque)."

This discussion was inspired by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump saying that he didn't know any Muslim athletes, which of course, is ridiculous considering he met a number of them.

Abdullah's Trump/drunk driver metaphor might resonate with people who aren't a fan of his policy calling for a "complete shutdown" of Muslims entering the U.S.

The ex-defensive puts things into perspective. If we wouldn't let someone who is drunk drive us home, we might not want to let someone who is drunk with power lead the country.


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