Hamza Bin Laden, 'Crown Prince Of Terror,' May Have Escaped Raid (VIDEO)

It seems one of bin Laden's sons may have escaped the Abbottabad compound raid.

Deemed the "Crown Prince of Terror," Hamza bin Laden, 19, may have escaped the attack. According to the Telegraph, three of bin Laden’s widows, currently being interrogated in Pakistani custody, have said that Hamza has not been seen since the raid.

While White House officials originally claimed that Hamza was killed, they later amended their statement saying that his 22-year-old brother, Khalid, was instead killed.

The report of Hamza's escape runs contrary to U.S. officials who say they are "absolutely confident" that no one escaped the compound, according to ABC News. Infrared technology in addition to reports from those on the ground apparently confirmed that nobody got away during the raid. Officials maintain that the only body that was taken away by the SEALs belonged to Osama bin Laden.

Hamza is the youngest of bin Laden's suspected 20 or so children, according to CBS News. He was a close confidant of his father and has become know for his outspokenness against Western nations.

Though just who was living in the compound is unconfirmed, it is believed that Hamza's mother is among those being held by Pakistani officials.

He has been implicated in the 2007 assassination of Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto, according to the Telegraph.' Many believe he was being groomed to become the next leader of al-Qaeda.

WATCH (The full report from GMA):