Hana Pesut's "Switcheroo" Captures Couples Swapping Outfits (PHOTOS)

Have you ever noticed that when couples have been dating for a while they start to resemble each other?

Self-taught photographer Hana Pesut takes the resemblance to a quirky new level with her collection "Switcheroo", in which couples exchange outfits for the funny photo shoot. Some of the results are absurd and hilarious while in others it is hard to tell which photo is the original and which is the swap. The Vancouver-based artist writes on her website that "her main focus in photography is the 'little moments' that people sometimes miss and later wish they had captured."

Pesut's works playfully provoke questions about how what we wear shapes our identity in terms of both gender and cultural relations (although we would like her to include more same-sex couples in the future). How much does changing what you wear change how you feel about yourself? You can find out for yourself by visiting Pesut's website... she is looking for models!

Would you ever swap outfits with your significant other? Let us know in the comments section below.