Hand-Me-Downs: Kids' Clothing Gets A Second Life

PHOTOS: Kids Show Off Adorable Hand-Me-Downs

You know your children can't stay the same size forever, but you can't help wishing they wouldn't grow quite so fast -- especially when they have such cute little clothes. Sometimes it seems like the second you buy a new outfit, it's already too small. Luckily, hand-me-downs can go a long way, allowing you to extend the life of certain items of clothing. (Even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seem to understand this.)

Did your child pass a favorite item to a younger sibling, relative or friend? Or receive something that no longer fit an older child? Send a picture of the original wearer as well as the recipient to parents@huffingtonpost.com with a brief description of when each child wore the outfit. We'll add submissions to our slideshow.

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