Someone Made A Handheld N64 And Your 12-Year-Old Self Is Freaking Out

Give The Guy Who Made This Handheld N64 All The Money

Someone has created a portable, handheld Nintendo 64.

The modder, who goes by the name of Bungle, says the device is a custom-made, controller-shaped case with enough battery to get through a little over four hours of gameplay. The thing is even said to boast internal memory!

This is Bungle's fourth attempt at the N64 portable, according to his Youtube account. There are instructions out there on to how to create your own handheld N64, but none of the models seem to match Bungle's in terms of quality and design.

This version of the modified N64 console looks beautiful, almost as if it were sanctioned by Nintendo. Bungle has said he plans to sell it as soon as he can make some more.

Take our money, Bungle. Just shut up, and take it now.

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