Handmade Holiday Stockings You Can Buy On Etsy

Pick up an elegant handmade stocking and elevate your holiday vibe.
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It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday decor, especially if you’re considering overhauling your current stash of trinkets and baubles. Decorations like Christmas ornaments, stockings and other knick-knacks are often family heirlooms passed down through generations, but sometimes you just need to refresh your holiday stockpile. An easy way to do that is to start with a fresh pair of Christmas stockings for your mantel. Like Christmas trees, stockings are centerpieces of decor, drawing the eye and setting the tone for the overall aesthetic.

And no matter what your own personal holiday style might be, there’s no denying that there’s something extra special about a handmade stocking. From minimal to vintage-inspired, classic and even kitschy, Etsy has you covered with downright elegant, high-quality handmade holiday stockings. They’re crafted with a wide variety of materials, including quilted cotton, velvet, wool yarn, linen and much more. Thanks to Etsy’s diverse group of sellers, there’s something for every vibe.

Admittedly, handmade stockings have a more elevated price point than store-bought options. But if you’re looking to invest in truly good-looking, long-lasting stockings that are set to become instant heirlooms, then they’re worth the splurge. Keep reading to check out some of the best handmade stockings on Etsy. They’re delightfully festive and surprisingly chic.

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A set of hand-knit wool stockings
How sweet are these red and white stockings from Etsy seller CampKitschyKnits? They are adorable, vintage-inspired and are sure to become instant heirlooms. You can select the pattern of your choice and customize it with family members' names in white, green or red block letters or script. Reviewers noted that they arrive quickly, but we recommend ordering them early so you get them with plenty of time to enjoy throughout the season.
Sweet stockings with a velvet cuff
If you're looking for an elegant, Anthropologie-adjacent style, then look no further than these beautiful stockings from Etsy seller WinifredJ. The fabric features William Morris Compton prints (that have been in style for 150 years!) and a velvet cuff adorned with little pompoms. These refined stockings will make your home feel like a cozy Cotswold cottage.
Customizable minimalist linen stockings
Keep your aesthetic clean and simple with these gorgeous linen stockings from Etsy seller LinenByMN. Made with linen and lined with canvas to help them retain a firm stocking shape, these stockings are big enough to cram full of gifts but have a low-profile silhouette that doesn't mess with a minimal aesthetic.
A slightly kitschy, and coolly retro stocking
Can't resist an old-school pattern? These precious stockings from Etsy seller ChunkiChilli are absolutely heart-melting. They're artfully made of organic cotton yarn by a community of skilled artisans in Southwest China, feature pompoms along the hanging string and can be personalized with names or initials. You'll feel like you've just stepped into the house from "A Christmas Story."
Pompom-adorned neutral knit stockings
Handknit with 100% wool yarn, these elegant, low-key cream-colored stockings from Etsy seller MoiStore are simple, timeless and sweet. They're festooned with two pom poms and a tassel that comes in three different color combinations, so you can pick the one that best matches your personal decor style.
Linen stockings in muted hues
Take your pick from eight different colors when you snag one of Etsy shop AmourLinen's lovely linen stockings. They're handcrafted from leftover European linen textiles which helps to eliminate waste and are stonewashed for extra softness. They're also among the more affordable options in the bunch.
Nordic-style knit stockings
Made from repurposed vintage sweaters, patchwork quilts and other unexpected textiles, these stockings from Etsy shop SohoDesign are delightfully retro and fun. Since each stocking comes from a different source, the fabric varies and can include wool, cotton or acrylic. Select a pattern of your choice and enjoy a new stocking with a bit of mysterious history.
A timeless wool stocking
These elegant, yet classic, Christmas stockings from Etsy seller YarnProj are sure to become treasured family heirlooms. They come with a tree, candle and wreath design and are filled with additional details like French knots, a red satin bow, a braided cord and two jingle bells. They're made with sumptuously thick cotton wool that looks and feels luxurious, making them well worth the splurge.
A quilted holiday stocking
Made from Rifle Paper Co. fabric, these adorable stockings from Etsy seller BellePlaineQuilts display all sorts of cheery scenes and are adorned with festive stars. They're vintage-inspired but made with fresh new materials that can be enjoyed for seasons to come.
A stocking with fur-trim
Add an unexpected touch of glamour with these fur-trimmed stockings from Etsy seller HallstromHome. It's an sophisticated touch that no one will see coming. They come adorned with a ribbon and pom poms, and are made with brown striped cotton fabric.

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