Hands Across The Sand: Protest Offshore Drilling

As oil continues to flood into the Gulf of Mexico, we are reminded more than ever of the perilous consequences of offshore drilling and the pressing need to move toward clean energy. On Saturday, June 26, thousands joined Hands Across The Sand in protest against offshore drilling all across the world. At 12 noon, people joined hands for 15 minutes on beaches and in cities, rain or shine, to show their solidarity against our dirty dependence on oil and bring attention to the urgency with which we must convince our politicians to adopt policies that pursue clean and renewable energy.

Numerous gatherings were scheduled on Gulf beaches in places like Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi, but the protests aren't limited to the Gulf. From New York to California people are letting their opposition to offshore drilling be known -- with over 750 events planned in the US alone! The movement has even gone international, with everywhere from the UK and Canada to India and Australia staging multiple events.

Check out some photos from the June 26th Hands Across The Sand event, and send in your own from Saturday.

Hands Across The Sand