'Hands-Free Tinder' App Will Let You Swipe Right With Your Heartbeat

If you have a pulse, you won't need to swipe.

Texas marketing and advertising firm T3 is developing a hands-free Tinder-like app for the Apple Watch that measures your heart rate as you view potential dates. If your pulse quickens, it's a match. No right swipe necessary.

The app is intended to launch when the new Apple Watch OS software becomes available to users, a T3 spokeswoman told The Huffington Post. (Apple has said that would be this fall. )

While the app's follow-your-heart sentiment is admirable, AdWeek noted that our pulses normally tend to fluctuate. The media outlet noted a few other potential flaws: "What if I had a pacemaker? Or a heart murmur? Or one of those coal-fired difference engine hearts like Dick Cheney?"

Apple sold an estimated 4.5 million watches in the last quarter, according to Fortune, so just imagine the matchmaking possibilities.



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