Everything You Need To Hang Artwork Yourself

Photo-hanging kits, drills, stud finders and other gear you need to decorate your place.
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Few things will make you feel more badass than properly hanging framed art by yourself. Whether you’re moving into a new place or just want to redecorate, sometimes you have to switch up your wall space. And if you’re looking to create an eclectic home gallery or just want to hang a single photo, we’ve broken down all the things you need to do it totally straight on your own, no TaskRabbit required.

We’ve included everything from the basics (painter’s tape and a level) to stud finders, drills and drywall anchors for more heavy-duty jobs. Asses the object you’re hanging to to chose the equipment you specifically need. As always, if you’re renting, check your lease to be sure you’re allowed to drill things into the wall. You don’t want to lose your security deposit.

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Masking or painters tape
Easy-remove wall tape is a must for any sort of home project. Use it to mark where you want your prints to be hung instead of marking the wall with a pencil. And if you're planning a sort of wall of photos moment, this tape is great for creating a whole visual of where you want every frame. You can make an outline of what your gallery wall will look like with the tape, and then easily remove it all as you start hanging. This set comes with six rolls of tape in the colors shown.
A tape measure
If you don't already have one, consider this your sign to grab a retractable tape measure for your home. You'll need it to measure how high you want your photos from the ground and also where to put the nail in relation to your frame's back wire or hook. This tape extends to 12 feet.
A hammer
No home is complete without a hammer (or two). Use it to secure nails and fasteners for lighter pieces of art and to tap in wall anchors before drilling for heavier ones. This hammer has 4,598 positive reviews and is only about a foot long, so it can easily be stored.
A level
Perfectionists unite! This level will ensure everything you hang is evenly positioned.
A picture hanging kit
If your frame doesn't have any hooks or wire on the back, you’ll have to add them yourself. It's really not as hard as it sounds, and is even easier with this kit that contains everything you need, even a mini screwdriver. (If your frame has D-rings attached already, but you still need hanging material, you can also buy just the wire.)
Wall bumpers
These are certainly not a necessity, but if you're a total neat freak or just want to protect your walls, stick these little bumpers on the four corners of the back of your frame so it can't scratch or bump into the wall.
A nail and hook kit
If you're hanging small frames, light pieces of art, cute little signs, dried flowers, twinkle lights or otherwise non-heavy items, this is your kit. It comes with over 200 items including small nails, hangers, hooks and fasteners.
A light-duty drill set
Seriously, you need a drill set. This is a cordless option made for light home improvement projects that comes with a bunch of goodies for wall hanging, like drill bits, fastening bits, a magnetic bit holder, a level and some screws with anchors.
Or a heavy-duty one for unusual walls
For drilling into concrete, metal, tile or heavier material, you're probably going to want or need to spring for something that packs a punch, like this hammer drill with a safety clutch. It can chisel away at stone and do wood working projects, in addition to letting you hang art on hard, solid walls.
An anchor installation kit for concrete, brick and other material
If you are drilling into tile, ceramic, concrete, brick and/or cinder blocks, you're also going to want this kit with specialized drill bits to put into your drill. This assortment comes with 106 pieces, along with different anchors and screws for different materials.
A stud finder
When drilling really heavy things, you're going to want a stud finder. It's a cool gadget that shows you where the studs (i.e. wooden slats in your wall) are, so you can ensure you're drilling into a stable surface and not just drywall. In the early stages of decorating or re-decorating, it can helpful to know where the studs are.
Self-drilling anchors for drywall
If you're hanging sturdy framed pieces, you're going to want to anchor them into the wall. To save time and drill-power, opt for self-drilling drywall anchors. With these, you simply drill the screw, embedded in the anchor, right into the wall.

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