There's A Hack To Hanging Sweaters So They Don't Stretch Out

FYI, You're Hanging Sweaters Wrong

The key to an amazing closet is all in how you hang -- not only on the right hangers, but also in the right, hack-tastic way.

Allow us to explain: You know how when you hang a sweater, it tends to stretch under its own weight and get those little bumps in the shoulders?

Well, there's a hack for that. Watch, be amazed, and never ruin a sweater again.

STEP 1: Fold your sweater in half.

STEP 2: Place the hanger hook in the armpit, and fold the waist and sleeves over the hanger.

STEP 3: Ta da! A stretch-free hang (and some serious sweater origami).

Keep in mind that there's also a chance your sweater might be better off folded if it stretches out on a hanger. Organizing guru Marie Kondo of KonMari Method fame suggests that you fold sweaters into long rectangular shapes so they can vertically stand in a drawer.

(h/t Snapguide)

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