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7 Hanging Container Gardens That Will Bring A Little Life Indoors (PHOTOS)

Summer is winding down, so we're on the lookout for creative ways to bring a little life indoors once the weather cools starts blowing in. Since most of us don't have the space for a lot of big houseplants, we're looking toward vertical gardening, which also doubles as art, as a viable solution.

Lucky for us, the NY Now Gift Fair (formerly NYIGF) earlier this week had several hanging container garden ideas that caught our eye. We especially love the "Plant Bondage" from Light & Ladder, a cool display that artfully suspends plants. Take a look at our photos below:

It's like a sculpture.
ny now

Grasses would add a little texture to a wall.
gift fair

These planters resemble little purses.
ny now

Covering a whole wall with pots would be a whimsical focal point.
ny now

This one is perfect for a metallic pop.
ny now

How about a vertical garden in...rubber?
ny now

Nothing beats a little greenery indoors.
ny now

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