Hanging Furniture Is The Decorating Option You Never Knew You Needed

Haven't you heard? Ceilings are the new floors.

You probably have a gazillion feng shui dreams already, but add hanging furniture to the list because your home's vertical space is just begging to be filled.

As long as you have a strong ceiling, a drill and some determination, your dreamy bungalow of dangling decor can be a reality. Anchoring furniture to the ceiling is simpler than it sounds, and the result is so pretty, you'd be remiss not to try it.

Whether you DIY or buy it, hanging furniture adds the perfect touch of whimsy to any room -- and makes vacuuming a breeze.

Below, a few ways to elevate your home décor -- literally.

Hammock Chair DIY
A Beautiful Mess
Create a cozy spot to curl up with this DIY Hammock Chair by A Beautiful Mess.
Swing Bed
The Porch Swing Company
This swinging day bed by The Porch Swing Company is the relaxing oasis we never knew we needed.
DIY Hanging Table
The Merrythought
Free up some floor space with this adorable hanging table. Check out the pretty little project at The Merrythought.
Swing Chair
Urban Outfitters
Get the Marrakech Swing Chair from Urban Outfitters.
Hanging Stairs
Courtesy of Alexandra Fedorova
These hanging stairs by architect Alexandra Fedorova are a minimalist's dream.
DIY Pallet Swing Bed
The Merrythought
Indoor or outdoor, this hanging bed by The Merrythought is begging to be enjoyed.
Rattan Hanging Chair
Get the Rattan Hanging Chair from Anthropologie.
DIY Vertical Plant Hanger
I Heart Naptime
This plant hanger project by I Heart Naptime is an efficient use of space and a creative way to introduce some much-needed green into your home.

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