The Most Delicious (And Grossest) Hangover Remedies, Ranked

From pickle juice to bull penises.

It's always terrible to start a new year hungover. But just in case it happens to you, we ranked some hangover remedies from those that taste the most delicious, to those that sound pretty gross to consume.

First, a caveat: The options below are by no means medically advisable or based on solid research. We all know that the only truly science-backed hangover prevention is not binge-drinking in the first place.

A Lot Of Greasy Food
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Gorging on heavy food, such as the classic English Breakfast, with eggs, sausage, mushrooms, toast, tomatoes and beans, have the salt, protein and fat to replenish electrolytes lost, but you'll have to work off all those calories in other ways once you start feeling better. Whatever -- it's still delicious.
Hair Of The Dog
One reason you're hungover might be methanol toxicity -- a "very hypothetical" idea by journalist Adam Rogers who posits that when you drink too much, you take in higher levels of methanol, and drinking a "hair of the dog" the next day will offset this with a little ethanol. Our verdict? Delicious.
Electrolyte Tablets
Alcohol consumption causes electrolyte imbalances. So tablets that endurance athletes use to replenish their electrolytes after, say, a marathon -- Nuun or GU Brew -- can be taken to replenish some of the salt and potassium you lost during a night of drinking. And with flavors such as fruit punch, tropical, and Kona Cola, they taste better than medicine.
Finally acknowledging that grown-ups are using their drink for themselves after a long night out (rather than for their kids), Pedialyte is targeting their electrolyte-replenishing drink towards adults. It works, if really hard to swallow. Maybe it's an acquired taste?
Pickle Juice
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Some people love pickle juice, some hate it. Because of its electrolyte content -- this briny concoction gets your electrolytes back in shape -- pickle juice was "Gatorade before there was Gatorade."
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Because eggs contain cysteine, a substance that breaks down hangover-inducing toxin in the liver, Filipinos enjoy eating balut -- a fertilized duck embryo, poached in the egg.
Dried Bull Penis
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A Sicilian treatment, sometimes known as pizzle -- eating jerky made from bull penis -- is full of protein, minerals, hormones and vitamins. It's also a popular dog treat, so there you go.

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