Kab-U-To Work 'Hangover Taxi' Might Be The Greatest Invention Of 2013

Now here's a brilliant idea!

London instant noodle maker Kabuto Noodles is promoting a clever new service for commuters who might have had a few too many cocktails at the previous night's office holiday party. The company is offering a “hangover taxi," called the Kab-U-To Work, which picks up victims of a hangover from home and taxis them to work.

The company says that the car will arrive bearing goodies including orange juice, headache meds, sunglasses, breathe mints and a delicious bowl of Kabuto's hot noodle soup. And in case that didn't sound like enough of a Christmas miracle, the taxi service is free.

"I never thought I'd say I'd eat noodles for a hangover, but it works," Ali Maynard, account director for Kabuto, told The Huffington Post over the phone. "Since we started the service last week, we've given close to 30 rides and we're booked up to Christmas Eve now. We've had such a great response with over 500 email requests, which has been overwhelming for us."

"What could be more convenient when you're hung over than a door-to-door taxi service and a Kabuto Hangover Pack to get you back to your desk in a fit enough state to face your inbox and your colleagues (who may or may not have appreciated your rendition of Mariah Carey from the night before…)?" Crispin Busk, founder of Kabuto Noodles, told the Daily Mail.

According to Kabuto's website, a trial of the service launched on Dec. 11 and will run until around Christmas time. While the service is currently operating in London only, the company says on its website that it hopes to expand to other cities in 2014.

"We're going to assess expanding after Christmas and look at our most viable options. The response has been crazy. It'd be probably to Bristol or a nearby city, but I think if we expand to the United States, New York would love it," Maynard told HuffPost.

If you’re planning ahead for a rough night in the London area, you can book a Kab-U-To Work ride using the email address or tweet @kabutonoodles using #Kabutowork.

This post has been update with new information from Kabuto.



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