What It's Like To Date A Hangry Person, In Comic Form

When hanger strikes, it's not pretty.

Love Illustrated is a HuffPost comic series that captures the realities of modern love.

Some people are capable of being pleasant and civilized even when they’re hungry. The rest of us become angry, impatient and grumpy as hell ― or, in other words, hangry.

If you’re prone to hanger, then you know that anyone in your path ― including the people you love most ― will feel your wrath until you’re properly fed.

Artist Dingding Hu, who is based in New York City but was raised in China’s Szechuan province, has been down this road many times with her boyfriend of five years. When she hasn’t eaten in a while, you might find her picking a fight with her partner ― a relatable experience she captured in comic form.

Before food vs. after food.
Before food vs. after food.

“My partner has observed my pattern of being in a bad mood and came to the conclusion that it’s often when I’m hungry or lacking a fulfilling meal,” Hu told HuffPost.

But once she gets some food in her stomach, Hu transforms into a totally different person.

“I [start off] feeling insecure and anxious, making it easy to trigger a bad temper,” she said. “After I get some food in me, I usually feel delighted.”

To see more of the artist’s work, visit her website or check her out on Instagram and Tumblr.

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