10 Things Hangry People Do (PHOTOS)

Are you sitting on the floor eating cold spaghetti from the fridge? You might be hangry.

It never fails -- while running errands with someone I love, we'll stay out half an hour too long. I've probably had coffee and not enough breakfast. There is an outside chance I stayed out too late the night before. My mind is racing, only thinking about how many seconds are left until we get to eat food. My loved one will ask me a question, I will snap at them and they will look at me the way you look at a toddler who is ready for nap time, "Oh, do you need to eat?"

This used to inspire even more hungry rage, but now I realize that they are right. I am just a hangry person. Hanger, for the unacquainted, is the emotion where hunger and anger intersect, and it is a lonely, terrifying place. There are lots of reasons we get hangry, but for most of us, the result is the same. Us hangry folk, like The Incredible Hulk, never mean what we do or say while in the heat of a hanger attack, but our barbs can sting nevertheless. There's even a hangry pillow now, if you feel like accessorizing your hanger. If you think you or someone you know might be a hangry person take a look at this and let me know if it feels familiar.

Still not sure? Don't worry, we compiled a list of things hangry people do, from the self-admitted hangry ones amongst us.

Your Body Knows When IT IS TIME
You are well-acquainted with the sensation of feeling fine one moment, then instantly being transported to the hanger thunder-dome. IT IS ON, AND YOU NEED A SANDWICH.
You Decide You Aren't Going To Make It
Ever sat down on the subway because your blood sugar was too low? Ever sat down on the floor next to the fridge and eaten cold spaghetti out of it with your hands? Ever been so hungry you couldn't get off the couch, so you just stayed there thinking about how hungry you were? You are definitely a hangry person.
You Engage In A 2:00pm Chocolate Freak-Out
"Gorge on the chocolate stash in my top drawer, ride the blissful sugar high for about 20 minutes, and spend the rest of the day feeling sick and dead inside." -- Carly Schwartz, HuffPost Deputy National Editor
You. Need. Butter. And Starch. Now.
"Cook all the pasta I have, and put butter on it. Then toast all the bread I have, and put butter on it. Then, if still hungry, cook all the rice I have, and put butter on it. Then wonder why I'm so sleepy and sick." -- Kristen Aiken, Senior Editor, HuffPost Taste
You Feel Like This When Someone Cuts In Line At The Deli
They have no idea what you've BEEN THROUGH TO GET HERE.
You've Given In To A Panic-Induced, Bad Idea Craving
"Emergency Taco Bell run, followed by emergency Taco Bell runs." -- Andy Campbell, Editor, HuffPost Crime & Weird News
You've Considered This When Your Lunch Order Is Late
Everyone else got food. Where is your food? Did they forget your food? Are they doing this just to spite you?
You've Screamed At Someone You Love Because You Were Hungry
"When hangry around immediate family, you fall back into all the youngest/middle/oldest child complexes you had as a child, which obviously means yelling and tears. Then, after you've eaten, you swear you'll start appreciating your family more." -- Kristen Aiken, Senior Editor, HuffPost Taste
You Know There's No Time!
Once you finally get food, there's never enough time to eat it. You've got to get it in your face before you freak out any more.
You've Filled Up On The Bread Basket
"Usually I just reach for anything -- and as much of it -- that I can get my hands on. While this may kill the hunger, the anger remains because I get pissed that I've spoiled my dinner." -- Alison Spiegel, Associate Editor, HuffPost Food

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