Watch Hank Azaria Give Advice To College Grads In Voices From 'The Simpsons'

The Tufts University alum made sure to take a friendly jab against Boston University.

Actor Hank Azaria doled out some words of wisdom to graduates of Tufts University on Sunday in the style of the characters he voices on "The Simpsons."

For example, Comic Book Guy had some advice: "Life is like the 'Star Wars' movies: some of it is great, some of it sucks, but you have no choice but to sit through all of it."

Azaria, who was an undergrad at Tufts' Medford, Massachusetts campus in the 1980's, took a swipe against Boston University in the voice of Moe, the bartender: "I didn't have the benefit of a fancy highfalutin education -- I went to BU. At least Tufts has a campus. I majored in not getting hit by cars on Commonwealth Avenue." 

But Azaria also shared some guidance in his normal voice during the speech.

"When I was your guys' age, I believed that who I was and how I thought and how I felt was inherently uninteresting and flawed and not practical, or maybe they were, and maybe they still are, but it wasn't until I embraced the person that I really was that my work as an actor got really interesting," Azaria said.

"I'm not suggesting that you ignore ... the rules of society, or the laws of common sense, for the actual law, or the text books and manuals, your teachers, your advisors, or the Internet and all the other sources that are happy to tell you the right and wrong way to go about doing almost everything," he continued. "Just please be honest with yourself about what you think and how you feel about all of that; what you like and dislike, what angers, what you are scared of, you are saddened by, or inspires you or delights you. Those feelings are called your instincts, and you ignore them at your own peril."

Watch a clip of his speech in the video above.