Hank For Senate: Cat Runs For Office In Virginia

I CAN HAZ SENATE SEAT: Cat Runs For Senate In Virginia

The race for a Senate seat from Virginia may evolve into a cat fight now that one Springfield resident has tossed his collar into the ring.

Hank may not be the typical political animal: he has spent time on the streets; he's never voted; and he really doesn't seem to like wearing clothes to do his best work.

That's right, former Virginia Govs. George Allen (R) and Tim Kaine (D) now face a feline foe. Hank's a former street cat and political independent who advocates a job creation platform and "milk in every bowl." According to his Twitter account, Hank is also passionate about the creation of a Privacy Bill of Rights and the protection of consumer data.

The cat-paign has also released an official ad featuring picturesque scenes from across the nation and praising the opportunities and values Hank holds most dear. While he may not be the most prominent candidate, his ad offers a clearer position than Jon Huntsman's spot of a motorcycle ride through the desert.

"Hank knows that the key to a better America and a brighter future is the creation of jobs -- jobs that will improve a street, a town, a state, and the nation," his Facebook profile states.

Eligibility requirements could be Hank's first challenge. Federal law requires that Senate candidates be 30 years old, and Hank was born in 2003, but in cat years that makes him 52.

By raising over $250 from supporters for the Human Society of Fairfax County, the kitty candidate has used his platform for good (or is it self-interest?) before Election Day even arrives.

But Hank wants to do more.

"The problems we face now have been faced by Americans since this great land was founded," Hank wrote in the mission statement on his website. "Right now we need to fall back on time-tested solutions, not social theory."

Hank is actively recruiting volunteers to help spread the word by knocking on doors, manning the phones and staffing polling places on election day, the Washington Post reported.

AM New York points out that such campaigns are not unheard of and have even been successful in the past -- Bosco Ramos, a black Labrador-Rottweiler mix, served as mayor of Sunol, Calif., from 1981-1990.

With enough persistence, who knows if Hank will scratch out a victory in such a contentious election year. We may just see a senator kit... ooh! Look. Jingling keys!


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