Hank Sheinkopf, 'The Terminator' Strategist: Democrats 'Haven't Had A New Idea Since The New Deal' (VIDEO)

He may have given himself the nickname "The Terminator", but Hank Sheinkopf backed it up with some harsh words on HuffPost Live on Friday. The longtime Democratic strategist unloaded on the Democratic Party during a discussion about President Barack Obama's second term expectations.

"They haven't had a new idea since the New Deal, that's the problem", Sheinkopf told HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill.

Not only did Sheinkopf criticize on the shopworn proposals of the party, he argued that even the highlights of the past are at risk under Obama.

"Defending the New Deal legacy that provided the way for people to get into the middle class ultimately is very important ... the problem here, this guy is not going to defend that."

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