Hanksy Gives A Street Art Tour Of Detroit, Shows The City's Blooming Creative Scene

If you've never personally stepped foot in the lovely city of Detroit -- or read up with our coverage of its culture scene, no judgment -- your understanding of the (technically) Midwestern metropolis may be boiled down to Eminem's portrayal of it in "8 Mile."


If this is the case, you're in good company. Street art prankster extraordinaire Hanksy was in the same boat, until, of course, he embarked on a street art tour of his own. The fruits of his visit are featured below in Hanksy's second episode of "Surplus Candy," a YouTube series traveling through graffiti-centric locales -- the first episode highlighted Montreal.

Watch Hanksy explore the city of Detroit and hear about the unique art scene from the individuals that built it. As artist Bonus Saves explains: "We're in a unique position. This city is going through hell and back right now. There's not enough feet on the ground. We're doing positive work; we're not getting fucked with. Cops roll by us and wave."

See the short in full above and check out some of Detroit's prized street art below.

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