Hanksy's 'It's A Punderful Life': Street Artist Reveals Back Story And New Artwork (PHOTOS)(VIDEO)

We don't know a whole lot about the celebrity punster/street artist, Hansky, and after watching a new "biography" of the artist posted to Pharrel's "i am Other" YouTube channel, we're not sure we're any better off.

In the video, a man we are to believe is Hanksy recounts his alleged ascension in the art world, from greeting card whiz kid to celebrity street artist. Of course, his face is significantly blurred and his voice heavily altered, to protect his identity... or make this prank that much funnier.

"For the past four years, I've kind of been the heart and soul of the company," the artist states in the clip, referring to his alleged past gig at the Hallmark organization. "I'm basically responsible for every pun-related greeting card they've put out. So, yeah, kind of like the ultimate success story." (We're so sure...)

Hanksy goes on to explain how much he loves his namesake, Tom Hanks, and how he transformed his love of America's most trusted man into a career, in hopes that the actor will someday become his best friend.

While we all wait to see if Mr. Hanks will be moved by the video, titled "A Punderful Life," check out the new artwork Hanksy plastered in Los Angeles. The works were created ahead of Hanksy's upcoming Los Angeles art exhibit called -- wait for it -- "How the West Was Pun." Be prepared for a vulgar representation of Kim Kardashian, though. Shameful, Hanksy!

For more, hopefully accurate, information see this interview Hanksy did with Hanks' daughter and former Huffington Post news editor E.A. Hanks.